By Abriendo Brecha: Honduran singer, Antonio Asfura, triumphs in USA.

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Antonio Asfura, HOLA! América Central
Antonio Asfura, face that opens 2017 for magazine HOLA América Central. January edition for the entire territory of Honduras. Do not miss out!

Hola Magazine, Hola Centro América, Hola Honduras - Antonio Asfura

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Nov. 2016

HOLA! América Central / Gatbik

Antonio Asfura, HOLA! América Central

Find out why this native of Honduras has become a total "Addiction"
By magazine: HOLA! América Central
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PETA Latino - Antonio Asfura

PETA Latino shares "Adicción" music video by Antonio Asfura to raise awareness against animal abuse.

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Antonio Asfura - Adicción - Top 10
"Adicción" ("Addiction" in English) by Antonio Asfura among the top 10 most requested songs in national radio stations in Honduras like Exa FM and Power FM.
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Official Website:

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July 2016

Redmonkie / Gatbik / VEVO / Antonio Asfura

Published on Jul 21, 2016

Music video by Antonio Asfura performing Adicción. (C) 2016 Gatbik Music.
Video production by Redmonkie, Miami, Florida.

Music Video: Antonio Asfura - Adicción
Production: Redmonkie
Artist: Antonio Asfura
Released Year: 2016
Label: Gatbik Music
Copyright: (P) & (C) 2016 Gatbik Music
Publisher Gatbik Publishing
ISRC Code: USXRA1690000

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July 2016

Alexandra Pérez - El Heraldo HN

Antonio Asfura - Adicción / Gatbik Music

Antonio Asfura releases his new single "Adicción"
por: Alexandra Pérez - El Heraldo
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Antonio Asfura - Adicción

NEW SINGLE Adicción Antonio Asfura
Now available at:

iTunes -
Amazon -

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July 2016

Gatbik Music - VEVO

VEVO presents Antonio Asfura - Adicción (Trailer).
A production of Gatbik® Music in association with Redmonkie®

Antonio Asfura; Johnnelvis Rondon; JoseĢ Mancebo; Christian Taveras; David Anthony.

Antonio Asfura, Steven Chun

Antonio Asfura, Steven Chun

Antonio Asfura, Gonzalo Segovia, Miguel Gattás, Nadia Danowska, Luna Diminich, Margaux Etcheverry y Ulises Capote.

Production Team
Yahaira Torres, Suham Asfura, Bishara Gattás

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June 2016

Viki Pérez Aguilar - La Prensa HN
Adicción, Antonio Asfura

"Adicción", the new single from Antonio Asfura

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