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Gatbik Music Signs Distribution Agreement With The Orchard of Sony Music


Gatbik Music signs distribution agreement with The Orchard of Sony Music.

Gatbik Music, a cutting-edge music label in the U.S. with global market in recorded music, has announced the further expansion of its network through a new partnership with The Orchard, a company owned by Sony Music, for the purpose to develop, through comprehensive digital strategies and sophisticated technology, a more powerful channel for distribution of music and video content in more than 26 markets around the world.

Through innovative global marketing and promotions, The Orchard drives sales across more than 100 unique digital and mobile retailers across 232 countries, as well as physical retailers across North America and Europe.

The Orchard was among the first to integrate digital and physical distribution, acknowledging the importance of selling and marketing across all formats and superior supply chain management. Whether it's a full length at HMV, an EP on Spotify, a track in a UGC video on YouTube or a ringtone through Telefonica, The Orchard supply hundreds of outlets around the world through their wholly owned and operated physical and digital distribution supply chain and asset management system.

Gatbik Music with its full developing and representation services, discovers and produces local and international recording artists.

For more information please contact: Gatbik Music.


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