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Hispanic Immigrants In The US Identify With 'Sin Duda' By Antonio Asfura, A Novel & Song Based On A True Story Added For Distribution By Barnes & Noble


Hispanic immigrants in the US identify with 'Sin Duda' by Antonio Asfura, a novel and song based on a true story added for distribution by Barnes & Noble.

MIAMI, Jan. 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ - Antonio Asfura, a singer, composer and author from Honduras and resident of Miami, Fla., astonished the Latin entertainment world when he launched the first ever song/novel combination, as part of his first music production in Spanish, titled "Sin Duda: La Cancion y La Novela." The song and novel detail a true story that exposes the harsh realities experienced by an immigrant and describes the process of abandoning a home country and getting into an uncertain journey where the only certainty is that probably there will be no return.

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Due to its uniqueness and powerful message, "Sin Duda: La Cancion y La Novela" was acquired for distribution by leading wholesalers and distributors like Baker & Taylor, Ingram, Overdrive, The Orchard, and Barnes & Noble, making it available in more than 170 countries.

"'Sin Duda' teaches us that the roots go beyond homeland and true love has no boundaries." —Alfonso De Anda, TV Presenter and Communicator. (Gatbik translation)

"A captivating and penetrating reading that clearly leaves exposed some of the vicissitudes and hopes of an immigrant. 'Sin Duda,' a story of real life that will shake your heart." —Lizette Hawit, General Consul of Honduras in Miami, FL USA. (Gatbik translation)

Antonio Asfura takes us back to 1920 to know the life of Yul Zurita, an immigrant from Bethlehem, who at his 12 years of age was obligated to leave his roots, family and his country. Among many odysseys, tests of courage and honesty, miracles and examples of survival, Antonio Asfura reveals some of the reasons why migration sometimes is not an option but a necessity. He illustrates certain dangers, physical and mental suffering that anyone obligated to leave his/her birthplace may experience on the process; helping readers to understand many of the conditions under which these people fight for their ideals, and improving, somehow, the relationship and treatment towards them.

"Sin Duda: La Cancion y La Novela" is available in hardcover (which includes music CD) and digitally. The hardcover version can be found on, and B&N. The digital version is available through online stores like Google, iTunes, Amazon, B&N, among others. Music video for song "Sin Duda" is currently distributed by VEVO.

Antonio Asfura has been featured in Venevision, La Tribuna, El Heraldo, La Prensa. Asfura has also been featured on MEW, MADE & Amiga magazine covers, and has reached #1 position on Honduran radios.

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For more information about "Sin Duda: La Cancion y La Novela," please visit:


Miguel Gattas
P.O. Box 245153, Pembroke Pines, FL 33024
(754) 204-2130

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